Many of you have decided to get a reborn, but what kind of preparation do you need to do in the early stage? Today we will introduce what you need to prepare to adopt a reborn baby.

Fist of all, make sure to have diapers, wipes, baby powder.

  • I'm sure that you must be a person who really loves your reborn so you might want to have everything that a real baby would have, so diapers are the first thing you have to prepare.
  • Wipes are usually just for props but you can also use wipes to clean the stains on your reborn.
  • Baby powder can be used to lightly powder your reborn.
Secondly, make sure to have a place for the reborn to sleep.
  • Whether you have a crib, a pack play, or just a basket, you need to have a place for your reborn to lay. If you are interested, you even can make a bed for them, using beautiful and cute little decorations to create a bed they dreamed of as a child.
  • For reference, I make my reborn's bed using a basket that no one uses and put a soft pillow in the bottom then I put a blanket over the pillow and put a rolled-up blanket at the top of a bumper then a pillow for their head and a blanket to cover them.
Last but not least, make sure to have bottles, pacifiers, and clothes.
  • Having a few bottles or pacifiers depending on your reborn's size is good to have in hand to feed them with.
  • Clothes are a must-have for your baby. I would have at least 3 outfits and 2 sleepers for the beginning. Then throughout you can buy more for your little cutey.
Now if you have another idea of what do you need to prepare to adopt a reborn baby please write in the comment area.