"Series Little Blue" was born on the distant planet of Pandora. It is this mysterious environment that created their bravery and wisdom. Whenever they will bring bravery and strength to you and your family. They are waiting for you to bring them home. 

Why is it called "Series Little Blue"?
It is not difficult to see from the color of the doll's body that it is blue, so we named it after the most prominent feature of the doll. Of course, you can also rename him according to your own preferences.
What are the characteristics of "Series Little Blue"?
The size of "Series Little Blue" is 20 inches; boy; fine silicone vinyl full body; cute face; long eyelashes; faint blush; natural pale pink lips; rooted hair.
Where is the highlight of "Series Little Blue"?
1. The blue body breaks through the boundaries of traditional reborn dolls so that the display form of reborn dolls is not limited to the real babies.
2. "Series Little Blue" with mysterious power comes from the planet Pandora, so when they live with humans, they can bring us more free imagination and stimulate children's creativity, which is very suitable for making friends with children.

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