Haven't you found a doll in our store that will make your heartbeat?

In this week's new product, we launched a brand new doll series: Series Levi, they are 20-inch long and their eyes and mouth are always closed as if they were intoxicated by the sweet dream.

Now, let's take a look at the cute Series Levi and some other popular new babies:



She is 20 inches, with light brown hand-rooted hair, eyes closed, looks like a sweet puppy.



This one is a cute baby girl, she's 20-inch long, dark brown hair, eyes and mouth slightly closed. She's in her sweet dream.



She's a baby girl too, she's also 20 inch and dark brown hair. I really want to squeeze this adorable baby fat face.


4.Irene and Elvira

These twins are 17-inch long, they both have light brown hair and closed eyes.

The left one's name is Irene, she's wearing a cute monkey pattern outfit in the picture.

The right one's name is Elvira, she’s wearing a red top and white pants in the picture.


She's a cute girl with dark brown hair. Look at her smiling face, she must having a sweet dream.

Above is the most popular new products this time. By the way, this time we offer a 12% discount for all the new products in our store, you can use the discount code: SUMMER to get 12% off when you check out!