Reborn dolls are not just some kid's toy that can be treated carelessly, they should be gently cared for. The artist who reborn the doll has spent many hours and effort of painting, rooting hair, and adding detailed features to create your reborn baby doll and make it as realistic as possible. But how to prevent this precious baby doll from getting damaged? This is the question we are going to solve today.

    First of all, be gentle. Being too rough with your reborn doll can cause their eyelashes to fall off or limbs get broken. Try to treat your reborn baby doll as a real baby, in this way not only can you make your reborn doll last longer, but also you can learn how to take care of a baby.

    Second, avoid objects that may stain your doll. Highly pigmented clothing can stain the vinyl so it is important to test materials and fabrics before dressing the doll. Rubbing the clothing on a vinyl sample will determine if its colors will stain. In addition, be sure to pre-wash your reborn's new clothes to prevent colors bleeding on your doll. Colored paper, surfaces, newspapers, etc can also stain the doll so be very careful.

   Third, avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat. Vinyl can be damaged by the UV rays or high levels of heat. The sunlight would fade the doll's delicate paint, if it hot enough, the sun could even melt it or warp it. This is because vinyl softens when heated and for this reason, you should never leave the reborn doll in hot areas for a long time.

    If cared for properly, reborn babies will bring many years of joy to you. Most importantly a good rule of thumb for handling baby is that you should not handle him/her in any way you would not handle a real newborn baby.

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