Last time we shared some tips about taking care of a reborn doll, but even if you did your best to take care of your reborn doll, he or she still will get dirt and dust. Little dust is unlikely to cause huge damage to your baby doll, but it can slowly damage the paint and makes your reborn doll not as pretty as the way you first got. So it is very necessary to clean your precious rebirth doll regularly, in this way you can prevent the build-up of dirt and keep your reborn dolls looking perfect.

If your reborn doll only gets some dust on, you can simply take a feather duster or lint-free dusting cloth and give it light but thorough wipe. Please try not to use cleaning products on your reborn dolls, because the cleaning products often added many chemical substances, and some of those chemicals could stain or stripe the paint of your baby doll. Remember only to use some gentle physical method to remove the majority of dust and dirt on the surface.

If your reborn doll gets some stains that cannot be gently wiped off with a feather duster or lint-free dusting cloth, you can use a slightly wetted cloth to wipe away the stains. Please be careful and do not scrub your doll to make sure you won’t damage the paint and color. Remember always use a towel to dry it and try not to get the stuffing wet to prevent your doll from getting mold.

If it goes to the worst way, your reborn doll gets extremely dirty, you may have to consider sending it back to his or her original artists or find another reborn doll artist to give your doll a thorough clean and possibly replace the body and stuffing as needed.

Here are the cleaning tips for you. If you have other good ideas of cleaning reborns Please leave a message in the comment area below. If you are considering buying a reborn doll, you can click our site: to see if there is something you like.