Adopting a reborn doll can be a daunting process and decisions are often made through emotion rather than logic because when we see something we love, we want to have it. There is a saying that goes “Your mind can’t control what your heart wants”, however, to avoid disappointment when adopting a reborn doll it is wise to take a logical approach. If you have looked online for reborn dolls, you would have noticed that there are many places where you can buy them, in fact, you have so many choices that it becomes overwhelming and you find yourself asking, where is the best place to buy a reborn doll? There are a set of recommendations that can assist you to avoid disappointment and to ensure that you adopt the right reborn doll.

Recommendations For Adopting A Reborn Doll

1.Customer reviews
Although reviews are subjective, they provide you with a good indication of the reborn’s quality. Charlesen has the most authentic customer reviews. In the comments, you can see all the comments posted by the buyer and the real photo of the doll. On Charlesen customers need to purchase the item before leaving a review and that review cannot be edited or removed by the seller.

2.Customer service
Customer service is often overlooked when adopting a reborn doll because parents are eager to hold their baby in their arms, however, it is always a good idea to read the sellers return, damage repair and guarantee sanctification policies. Another indication of good customer service is to check whether they are actually responding to customers online. Charlesen's customer service email is always open. After sending the email, you will always get a patient reply.

3.Doll quality
A good reborn doll should look like a real baby.
The more expensive a doll is the more fine details it usually has. Pay attention to their hands, feet, nails, eyes, eyebrows, and creases as these details make the doll lifelike. Each doll of Charlesen is selected by hundreds of people before appearing in the mall.

4.Reborn Features
Features are based on personal preference but it’s good to have an idea of what kind of reborn baby you want to adopt.
Do you want it to have a magnetic pacifier? Come with accessories? Have a birth certificate? Have milk spots, rashes, or scratches to make it more realistic? Have a funny face? Be asleep, awake, or have the option for both? Do you want it to be able to sit? stand? lay down? Have realistic private parts? Want it to be “weighted” (realistic baby weight) and so on…