There are many people who are new to the reborn baby doll and will have many problems with the rebirth doll. When we were selling reborn dolls, we also met many people who just started reborn dolls hobby, so we wanted to list the most frequently asked questions and answers for novices, hoping to help you have a better understanding of rebirth dolls.

1. Who Invented Reborn Dolls?

The history of reborn dolls is shrouded is speculation, as no one knows who the first person to ever create a reborn doll is. However, we do know that the hobby of making lifelike dolls exploded during the late 80s to early 90s, and as a result, the term "reborn doll" was created. Dolls that were made to look as realistic as possible were then called reborns, and so the craze began.

2. Can Children Play With Reborn Dolls?

Absolutely they can, but remember that reborns are more of a collectible and less of a toy. If they're mishandled or treated without care, they can become easily damaged. To make matters worse, it's oftentimes difficult to fix such damages, as you may not be able to find a perfect match for the paint, limbs, eyes, etc. Teach your child what's acceptable and what's not with reborns to ensure they don't damage it in any way.

3. Do Reborn Dolls Move?

Most reborn dolls'limbs and legs can move easily. However, there are some which have unique features built-in that allow them to make noises, move, and even cry. As you can expect, these dolls typically cost a bit more than traditional dolls without any extra moving parts.

BTW, we will also develop some dolls that can make sounds, including crying, laughing, breathing, and heartbeat.

4. Can I Style My Reborn's Hair?

It really depends on the type of hair used and how much the artist rooted on their head. Typically, mohair has some realistic properties that allow the individual to move and style it around a bit. You can even use gel, pomade, and other hair care products on your reborn as long as you wash it out afterward.

5. How Do I Get a Pacifier To Stay In My Reborn's Mouth?

So, you've seen pictures and videos of reborns with pacifiers in their mouth but you can't get one stay in your reborn's mouth? The trick is to place a magnet behind the doll's mouth when you're making it. You can then place another magnet strip behind the pacifier, therefore, allowing you to add and remove the pacifier as you please. Unfortunately, however, reborn dolls sold without this magnetic strip won't have this option.

Above is the FAQ about reborn dolls, if you have any more questions that didn't answer in this blog, please write them done in the comment area.